Week 1: Finance For Everyone


So I am taking this Finance course online and the questions of the week are as follows:

“… What are the takeaway messages that have resonated with you? Are there local or global issues that are newly grabbing your interest with your growing understanding of the broader context of finance?”

I suppose for me my major concern at the moment is how do we adjust our capitalist markets (U.S.) when our economy is out of control? Specifically, we seem to have abandoned all intentions of supporting all of our citizens, the only ones who seem to matter are the million/billionaires. Also, we are ignoring solid science that indicates that we are rapidly approaching an ecological tipping point and there appears to be no interest at the governmental level in correcting for it.

I own a business that is centered around food and my primary interest is in the sustainability of heritage crops that are likely to go extinct from human neglect and greed. That is why I am taking this course. I want to understand the existing systems so I can intelligently push for reforms that protect the planet and all her biological systems, as well as making sure my business continues to work for the greater good.


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Chef’s Table

Chef’s Table.

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